Alyx looks like on Apple Vision Pro

This is what the PC VR hit Half-Life: Alyx looks like on Apple Vision Pro

Image: Valve

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With the ALVR streaming app, Apple Vision Pro users can access SteamVR and play PC VR hits like Half-Life: Alyx.


More and more users are posting videos of themselves playing PC VR games on Apple Vision Pro. A clip from the VR hit Half-Life: Alyx, which a user is playing using only the Vision Pro’s hand tracking, has now emerged. The shared video shows the opening sequence of the game, in which you can draw on a glass front with colored pens.

The player picks up different pens, writes a few words, and moves individual fingers. However, you can see that the virtual hands are shaking in some places, which indicates a noticeable latency in the hand tracking. According to the description, Half-Life: Alyx is streamed from a computer with an i9 14900k processor and an Nvidia RTX 4090 OC Strix graphics card. The exact configuration is not mentioned.

Sebastian Ang from the German YouTube channel MRTV is also streaming Half-Life: Alyx on the Vision Pro, but using the Valve Index Controllers and a SteamVR Lighthouse tracking system configured with the OpenSpace Calibrator. According to Ang, the streaming runs on a laptop with a mobile Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card.

The Valve Index controllers are connected to a Big Screen Beyond for tracking, which he only needs as a Bluetooth dongle. Alternatively, other PC VR headsets such as Valve Index or HTC Vive Pro 2 can be used. The PC VR headset is connected to the computer, only the display port must not be connected. Ang explains the exact configuration in the following video, starting at minute 13:10.


Apple Vision Pro becomes a PC VR headset thanks to ALVR

This is all made possible by the ALVR streaming app, an open-source alternative to Air Link, Virtual Desktop and Steam Link. ALVR recently received a major update. Developer Max Thomas has reduced stuttering, increased the refresh rate to 96 Hz, added HDR support, and enabled hand tracking in SteamVR.

ALVR is now available for testing as a finished version via Testflight. One drawback is that the Vision Pro does not natively support VR controllers. As mentioned above, you will need to be set up for PC VR and calibrate index controllers with a configuration program. A Reddit user recently showed how he ran Cyberpunk 2077 on the Vision Pro using a VR mod in a similar configuration.

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