Authors Guild threatens leading AI companies with just another copyright lawsuit

8,000 authors have signed an Authors Guild letter urging the CEOs of major AI companies, including OpenAI, Alphabet, Meta, Stability AI, IBM, and Microsoft, to fairly compensate and recognize authors for the use of their copyrighted works in the training of generative AI technologies. Signatories include Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, Jennifer Egan, David Baldacci, and other notable authors.

The potential flood of AI-generated content poses a threat to the writing profession, and the Guild calls for collaboration with AI industry leaders to ensure that authors’ rights are protected and the profession remains sustainable. The letter emphasizes the need for consent, credit, and compensation for authors whose works form the basis of AI systems such as ChatGPT and Bard. The Guild is threatening a lawsuit, but at this point, Big AI is probably used to that.

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