Axel Springer and OpenAI form content partnership for ChatGPT news and AI training


OpenAI will share Axel Springer’s content in ChatGPT and use articles for AI training, in addition to supporting Axel Springer in the further development of its AI projects.

Together, the companies want to find ways to use AI to improve journalistic offerings and create new revenue streams. As part of the partnership, ChatGPT users worldwide will receive summaries of selected global news content from Axel Springer media brands, including paid content from Axel Springer media brands such as Politico, Business Insider, Bild and Welt.

ChatGPT’s responses to user queries will include references and links to the full articles to ensure transparency and further information.

In addition, the collaboration will support existing Axel Springer AI-driven projects that use OpenAI’s technology. In return, OpenAI will be able to use Axel Springer content to train new models. It is not clear from the announcement whether and to what extent OpenAI will pay for this use of content.



The deal could retroactively legitimize the unlicensed use of journalistic content for AI model training, which likely already happened in the case of Axel Springer. Like books, high-quality editorial content is an important part of AI training. At the same time, with ChatGPT, OpenAI can provide users with current news without risking possible copyright infringement. OpenAI has a similar agreement with AP.

Axel Springer drives AI transformation forward

Axel Springer has already announced activities and investments in AI. In June 2023, the company announced its first AI-related layoffs in an internal email. The email spoke of an “AI offensive” to achieve Axel Springer’s goal of publishing “only digitally.”

AI was described as a way to “give journalists more time for research and creativity,” but it would also replace some functions, such as layout for printed newspapers.

In an internal podcast, Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner reportedly said: “If someone wants to kill journalism, then we need to understand how and why, and we journalists should do it ourselves.”

Previously, Axel Springer established a global generative AI team to combine efforts and drive innovation in the field. The team will support Axel Springer and its brands in the use and application of generative AI in their processes and products.


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