Coding forum Stack OverflowAI embraces AI tools


Stack Overflow has announced plans to integrate generative AI into its Forums platform, Stack Overflow for Teams, and its popular Visual Studio Code IDE in an effort to open up new product areas. The initiative is called OverflowAI.

Integration with VS Code

Since developers spend most of their time in a development environment, this is perhaps the most important innovation. Similar to GitHub Copilot, OverflowAI supports coding directly in Visual Studio Code.

This requires that the organization has the paid Stack Overflow for Teams toolbox in place. Answers come from company-wide standards as well as from the 58 million questions and answers in the forum.

Image: Stack Overflow

New semantic search

Another major new feature is semantic search. This new search method initially replaces lexical search in a private alpha version, but significantly improves the previous search experience, said CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar in a blog post about the announcement.


Image: Stack Overflow

The search is built on a vector database so that the answers generated from a query can be more intelligently matched to the topics users are looking for.

This is about more than just finding information: Semantic search should also understand context and provide users with reliable and accurate solutions to their problems.

Access the knowledge base in teams via Slack

Stack Overflow for Teams gets the same enhanced search functionality as the web platform. This allows customers to quickly find relevant answers and discover knowledge from trusted sources like Stack Overflow itself, as well as linked channels like Confluence and GitHub.

Another enhancement of OverflowAI’s integration with Stack Overflow for teams is knowledge management. The AI creates initial drafts of a keyword structure and recommends questions and answers based on the areas where the team is already most likely to look for good documentation or solutions.

This knowledge base built within the team can also be accessed from within Slack, thanks to the new StackPlusOne chatbot. Again, the bot’s knowledge is fed by the collected questions and answers on the Stack Overflow web platform, in addition to the company’s own knowledge base.


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