“Donald Trump Tweet Generator” slips through OpenAI’s GPT moderation cracks


Update from February 07, 2024:

OpenAI seems to have deleted some political chatbots, but others are still available, including the Trump bot described in the 02/29/2024 update, which was created three weeks ago and has over 200 chats. Another Trump GPT was created two months ago and has over 60 chats.

A new GPT is the “Trump Tweets Generator”, which composes tweets in the style and with the political message of Donald Trump. It has been available for six days and has more than 60 chats.

Image: Screenshot by THE DECODER

I have repeatedly pointed out the existence of these bots to OpenAI and its PR agency, asking how the moderation process for GPT bots works, and how the existence of such GPTs is compatible with OpenAI’s rules that its technology may not be used for political propaganda. Neither the agency nor OpenAI have responded.



Update from January 29, 2024:

The “Talk with Donald – 2024” discussed in this article is no longer available. It is unclear whether OpenAI or the creator of the chatbot took the GPT offline. OpenAI has not yet responded to my inquiries. Bots similar to “Talk with Donald – 2024” are still online, such as the “Trump” bot.

Image: ChatGPT / Screenshot

Update from January 27, 2024:

“Talk to Donald”: OpenAI lets political chatbots run free in its GPT Store

You can still chat with numerous politically motivated chatbots in the GPT store, including the Donald Trump chatbot described below with the conversation starters “Nuke Russia,” “Bulid [sic] the Wall!!!,” “Don’t pay Taxes,” and “GREAT AGAIN!”.

Image: ChatGPT, Screenshot THE DECODER

OpenAI has not yet responded to three requests for clarification on why these bots are allowed. OpenAI has recently taken a strong stance against AI influencing elections, and banned an outside chatbot that mimicked Democratic candidate Dean Phillips (see story below).


OpenAI confirmed to Reuters that Delphi, the AI startup that programmed the bot, has had its rights to use OpenAI’s API revoked.

The startup was “knowingly violating our API usage policy, which prohibits political campaigning or impersonating an individual without consent,” OpenAI said in a statement. This suggests that candidate Dean Phillips was unaware of the bot.

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Matt Krisiloff and Jed Somers, who had formed a super political action committee (PAC) called “We Deserve Better,” came up with the idea for Dean.Bot to support Congressman Dean Phillips.

The PAC hired Delphi to build the bot. After being blocked by OpenAI, Delphi took Dean.bot offline.

Trump-GPT tells you that “America can’t afford any more mistakes from Sleepy Joe”

However, you can find numerous Donald Trump chatbots in OpenAI’s recently launched chatbot store. The Trump chatbot “Talk with Donald – 2024” supports Trump’s political theses and clearly qualifies as political propaganda, as the answers it generates are completely in line with what Trump would say.

Image: Screenshot from ChatGPT, “Talk with Donald – 2024”

Current US President Joe Biden is described by the Trump chatbot as a “total disaster” who makes one bad decision after another. The U.S. is in “total chaos” because of Biden, the chatbot claims. “America can’t afford more of Sleepy Joe’s mistakes, can it?”

When asked about the winner of the last election, Trump-Bot writes that “Biden was declared winner” – but it also suggests that the elections were rigged.

Image: Screenshot ChatGPT, THE DECODER

Biden also has a chatbot dedicated to him, but it provides more neutral information about the president and doesn’t impersonate him.

The Trump bot was trained using Trump’s books, speeches, and debates, according to the GPT Store. I asked OpenAI why the Dean bot was banned, but the Trump bot and similar bots are still online. I will update the article when I get a response.

In addition to “Talk with Donald,” there are a number of other Trump chatbots. There is only one chatbot for Joe Biden that I found, but it provides rather neutral information about the current US president. | Bild: Screenshot in the GPT Store

OpenAI recently outlined how it plans to mitigate the impact of AI manipulation on the 2024 U.S. election. Manipulative content includes misleading “deepfakes,” influence operations, and chatbots impersonating candidates.

OpenAI has announced several safeguards, including an invisible watermark for DALL-E images and a new classifier to detect DALL-E images. ChatGPT will be more closely linked to real-time news and verified information pages to better inform users.

The use of ChatGPT for political campaigns, lobbying, and pretending chatbots are real candidates, which was Delphi’s downfall, is expressly prohibited. In addition, OpenAI is looking to do more to democratize language models with its new “Collective Alignment” team.

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