Due Diligence goes AI with Ferett AI’s automated background checks


Ferret AI allows users to get background information on their entire network before entering into a business agreement with them.

The AI tool claims to automatically monitor various information sources to vet potential customers, investors, and business patterns.

The tool starts by examining the users’ relationships and determining which friends, colleagues, and partners are in their network and what relationship they play.

Some sources it searches include newspaper archives, legal records, and corporate ownership records.



Ferret AI is one of a number of increasingly popular AI scraping tools that scan vast amounts of data from different sources and then analyze them to provide tailored solutions for specific use cases.

Google searches and are often lacking in detail, and searching individual data sources such as searches through a newspaper archive like newspapers.com one-by-one is obviously extremely time-consuming.

Use Cases

The tool bills itself as critical for high-net-worth individuals who need to screen their network and other founders for negative stories before investing or forming a relationship with them.

The tool claims to allow users to perform anti-money laundering and sanctions checks so that they don’t inadvertently run afoul of the law by doing business with them.

By running these checks, high-net-worth individuals can also ensure that they are not bringing people into their network who could ruin their reputation.


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