Frame AI smart glasses combine style and sci-fi

Iron Man meets John Lennon: Frame AI smart glasses combine style and sci-fi

Image: Brilliant Labs

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Say hello to Noa: Brilliant Labs’ Frame smart glasses feature an AI assistant that develops its own personality.


Brilliant Labs recently unveiled the world’s first smart glasses with an integrated multimodal AI assistant. “Frame” comes with an always-on AI assistant called Noa. The multimodal generative AI system, which can run GPT4, Stability AI and Whisper AI models simultaneously, is designed to evolve by analyzing interactions between the user and the AI assistant to develop a unique “personality”.

With Frame, Brilliant Labs aims to take the use of generative AI from the laptop to the real world. Instead of typing in questions, the system uses input from the environment. Noa processes what its camera picks up, recognizes speech and sounds, translates in real time or summarizes entire pages of a book.

It is also possible to compare prices in stores by scanning clothing or other items. The MicroOLEDs built into the frame display images and text in a 20-degree field of view. But Frame is not capable of sophisticated Mixed Reality features such as those offered by Apple Vision Pro and Quest 3.

The round design of the 39-gram smart glasses is reminiscent of the eyewear worn by celebrities such as John Lennon, Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi. Frame features a high-resolution 3,000 nits display, a spatial camera, a microphone and a 6DoF IMU. The headset is available for pre-order in various colors and will cost around $350. The use of prescription lenses is also possible.


Frame follows Monocle’s open-source approach

Frame is the evolution of Monocle, an augmented reality monocle released by Brilliant Labs almost a year ago. The 15-gram device clips onto standard glasses and features a MicroOLED display, a 5MP camera, touch controls, a battery, Bluetooth, and a microphone.

As with Monocle, Brilliant Labs intends to continue its open-source approach. Developers will be able to modify the hardware and software themselves and will have access to all the necessary documentation, code, and hardware plans.

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