Galactic Catch for Meta Quest 2

Fishing in foreign galaxies: Galactic Catch for Meta Quest 2

Picture: Baobab Studios

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Galactic Catch is an unusual new fishing game that lets you catch alien fish on exotic planets.

Assume the role of a robot who must rescue two of his friends. Use your fishing skills to catch 60 unique alien fish, including elusive legendary fish.

Each fish presents a unique mission and challenge where you must find the right combination of fishing skills and bait.

Your own collection of fish and unlocked decorative items can then be displayed in a fully customizable space aquarium.

Baobab Studios also promises a five-hour story campaignsix fishing spots spread across multiple planets, fishing gear that can be upgraded with unique power-ups, and five levels of fishing difficulty.

A well-known VR film studio tries its hand at a game

For those familiar with VR movies, Baobab Studios is probably a household name. The team is responsible for cinematic and partially interactive VR experiences such as Invasion, Asteroids, Crow: The Legend, Bonfire, and Baba Yaga.

Galactic Catch is the studio’s first full VR game and builds on characters and stories from the narrative universe created.

The title is launching for Meta Quest 2 today. The price is $12.99.

VR fishing simulations are great for personal relaxation. Those looking for alternatives can find them in titles like the visually stunning Real VR Fishing or the graphically stylized Bait! from Resolution Games.

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