Google Ads now lets you generate search campaigns with a Gemini chatbot


Google Ads is integrating its advanced AI model, Gemini, to enhance the conversational experience and help advertisers build better search campaigns.

The chat-based workflow, which is now fully available to English-language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K., aims to optimize ad content, including creatives and keywords.

According to Google, the conversational experience has reportedly helped advertisers achieve higher quality search campaigns with less effort, and Google’s data shows a 42% increase in “good” or “excellent” ad strength for small businesses using the feature.

In the coming months, the experience will also suggest images tailored to campaigns using Generative AI and images from landing pages. All images generated by Generative AI will be watermarked with SynthID and include open standard metadata to indicate AI generation.



Video: Google

The feature will roll out globally to all English-speaking advertisers in the coming weeks, with additional languages to be supported in the future. The conversational experience powered by Gemini is the first of many integrations planned for Google Ads, with more AI-powered updates expected throughout the year, according to Google.

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