Google Bard now supports Japanese, Korean for extensions, and Replit export for 18 programming languages

Google is rolling out the next update for Bard after the recent Gemini Pro upgrade. Bard extensions now support Japanese and Korean languages in addition to English. Extensions allow users to access real-time information from Google apps and services such as YouTube, Hotels, Flights, Maps, Gmail, Docs and Drive. Users can control their privacy settings when using these extensions. In addition, Bard now supports Replit export for 18 programming languages, including C++, Javascript, Ruby, SQL and Swift, up from Python only. According to Google, this update is aimed at the growing number of developers using Bard as a programming tool. The biggest update for Bard may be Gemini Ultra support early next year, bringing the chatbot up to par with GPT-4. It’s not clear yet if Google will launch a paid service for Bard with Gemini Ultra like OpenAI for ChatGPT Plus.

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