HTC Vive Ultimate Tracker are now compatible with PC VR headsets & Quest 3

HTC Vive Ultimate Tracker are now compatible with PC VR headsets & Quest 3

Image: HTC

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You can now use the Vive Ultimate Tracker with PC VR headsets. HTC is running a beta program for this.


HTC has released a beta program for the Vive Ultimate Tracker that allows you to use the standalone body tracker with PC VR headsets via SteamVR. A Meta Quest 3 connected to a PC via Quest Link or Steam Link is also compatible with the trackers.

The Vive Ultimate trackers require a Vive Wireless Dongle to connect to compatible devices. Previously, the Vive Ultimate trackers could only be connected to a PC via the integrated PC-VR Wi-Fi streaming feature of the Vive XR Elite and Vive Focus 3.

With the introduction of the beta program, you can now connect the dongle directly to your PC and use the trackers with any PC VR headset. To participate in the beta program, you need to join the Vive Discord server. You can find the link in the source below.


Compatibility is extended

HTC’s Vive Ultimate trackers can track themselves, eliminating the need for external tracking stations. Connected via a USB-C dongle, up to five Ultimate Trackers can be paired simultaneously per headset, with a range of up to ten meters.

They use two wide-angle FOV cameras for 6DoF inside-out tracking, making them ideal for mobile VR headsets. Previously, the Ultimate Trackers were only compatible with HTC’s Vive XR Elite and Vive Focus 3 headsets. However, support for SteamVR-based PC VR headsets was already announced at the launch of the VR accessory.

Sources: HTC, Vive Discord

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