Meta Quest Cash is coming to make gifting easier

Meta Quest Cash is coming to make gifting easier

Image: Meta

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You can buy Quest Cash, gift it, or request more to spend on games, apps, and more.


Meta announces Quest Cash

Meta’s v63 update will get a new payment method called Quest Cash. The concept is similar to Quest Gift Cards but sounds like it will be easier to use. While you need the system update to use Quest Cash, this option won’t become available until later this month.

The Meta Quest v63 system update is rolling out now for the Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro headsets. The best way to get the update is to leave your headset on the charger in sleep mode when not in use. It will happen automatically.


Easier VR game gifting

It might be an ideal option for parents to manage a VR gaming budget for their kids. One Meta account can send or request Quest Cash from another without restricting which game, DLC, or app to buy.

Meta gave a preview of Quick Cash screens.

Meta gave a preview of Quick Cash screens. | Image: Meta

Gift-giving between friends and family could become easier with Quest Cash. New Quest 3 owners will probably have a large wish list of VR games and appreciate some spare cash to expand their library.

The Meta Quest v63 update also introduces a lying down mode, that lets you use games and apps in bed or while reclining on a couch.

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