New update for Meta Quest 2 unlocks more CPU & GPU performance

New update for Meta Quest 2 unlocks more CPU & GPU performance

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Update 55 is rolling out, unlocking more power for Meta Quest 2 and Pro, multi-touch support, and improved eye tracking.

The update is rolling out to users of Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro since June 21, 2023. As usual, it can take up to a week or more for the update to reach all users.

Let’s get to the features and improvements of v55.

Performance boost for Quest 2 and Quest Pro

Meta Quest 2 will remain on sale after the launch of Meta Quest 3 this fall. To keep up with the new device, Meta is increasing the clock speed of both Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Tea CPU clock on both headsets is increased by up to 26 percentwhile the GPU-clock is increased by up to 19 percent on the Quest 2 and 11 percent on the Quest Pro. Meta promises “smoother gameplay, a more responsive UI, and richer content” on both headsets.

I’ll go into more detail about when and how the performance boost affects VR games in the linked article.

Messenger gets more features

The Messenger app, which was developed specifically for Quest, will be replaced by the more feature-rich Android version you know from mobile devices. You can use it to send and receive messages, make audio calls, and use personalized avatars, among other things.

A new Explore tab

The Explore tab has been given new layout formats and now shows Reels for those with Facebook or Instagram accounts. Also new is the ability to access the Meta Avatars store, various media content, and Horizon Worlds featured worlds.

Passcode for more security

In addition to the unlock pattern, there is now another security mechanism that allows you to set a password of four to twelve characters. You can find this option in the security settings.

Multi-touch support for the Meta Quest browser

You can now interact with web elements using both controllers or hands. The following video demonstrates this.

New home environments

Meta offers two new virtual environments: “Futurescape” from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase and “The Great Sand Sea” for those who pre-ordered Asgard’s Wrath 2.

Meta Quest Pro: More accurate eye tracking

Meta has improved eye tracking, which should now work more accurately over a wider field of view and during actions such as blinking. Meta recommends that you recalibrate eye tracking in the settings for the best results.

Other improvements

  • You can now see which people you follow are online on the People tab in the Universal menu.
  • To edit your avatar, you no longer need to go to the mirror. Just click on it from a distance.
  • You can now interact with notifications using your hands if you have hand tracking enabled.

You can read the full release notes for Update 55 in the Meta Quest Release Notes.

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