OpenAI rival Anthropic gets another $750 million injection from Menlo Ventures

OpenAI competitor Anthropic secured another $750 million in an investment deal with venture capital firm Menlo Ventures this month, the New York Times reports. This follows a year-long funding spree for the company, with investments totaling $7.3 billion. Major contributors include Google with $2 billion, Amazon with $4 billion, and two Asian telecom companies with $100 million. Anthropic initially raised $450 million last May from investors including Google and Salesforce. Part of the deal with Amazon, and likely Google, is that Anthropic will buy cloud capacity from AWS for AI training and inference. That way, big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Nvidia, or Microsoft can benefit from AI in two ways: they could get a big return on investment when AI stars one day turn a profit, and at the same time, they’re creating future big customers.

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