OpenAI’s massive ChatGPT updates leak ahead of developer conference


Leaks show that OpenAI will be unveiling major updates to ChatGPT at its developer conference on 6 November. These include custom chatbots, a business subscription, and connections to Google and Microsoft.

OpenAI’s first-ever developer conference will take place on the 6th of November, where the company plans to unveil a number of updates. Leaks now show that these will include a new interface for ChatGPT as well as completely new features.

OpenAI introduces custom chatbots via Gizmo

On X (formerly Twitter), user CHOI shared a complete list of the leaked features. According to them, OpenAI will announce the Gizmo tool, which specializes in creating, managing, and selecting custom chatbots.

Gizmo is expected to bring the following features:



  • Sandbox – Provides an environment to import, test and modify existing chatbots
  • Custom actions – Define additional functions for your chatbot using OpenAPI specifications
  • Knowledge files – Add additional files that your chatbot can reference
  • Tools – Provides basic tools for web browsing, image creation, etc.
  • Analytics – View and analyze chatbot usage data
  • Drafts – Save and share drafts for chatbots you create
  • Publish – Publish your finished chatbot
  • Share – Set up and manage chatbot sharing
  • Marketplace – browse and share chatbots created by other users

There will also be a Magic Creator or Magic Maker to help you create chatbots:

  • Define your chatbot with an interactive interface
  • Recognize user intent and create chatbots
  • Test the created chatbot live
  • Modify chatbot behavior through iterative conversations
  • Share and deploy chatbots

OpenAI brings workspace and team plan

According to the leaks, the company is also introducing new enterprise subscriptions and workspace management. The Team Plan is available for $30 per month, or $25 per month for an annual subscription – but only with a minimum of three users, raising the price to a minimum of $90 per month. The Team Plan offers additional benefits such as unlimited fast GPT-4 access, 4x longer contexts and unlimited use of the Advanced Data Analytics model. In addition, chat templates can be shared and data is not used by OpenAI for training purposes.

The workspace feature provides a separation of personal and workspace as well as the ability to define roles, departments or other metadata. It should be possible to integrate external ERP and CRM systems.

ChatGPT “context connectors” link Google Drive and Microsoft 365

X user Tibor Blaho also shares a screenshot of so-called “context connectors” that can be used to connect other applications to ChatGPT. The screenshot shows Google Drive and Microsoft 365. This allows documents, spreadsheets, or presentations to be attached to chats or used as context for conversations.

CHOI also expects a price reduction for the GPT-4 API, speed improvements for GPT-4, and general access to the 32k version – which is already being rolled out, according to users.


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