Pause AI and No AGI activists protest against AGI outside OpenAI office


Dozens of protesters from the groups Pause AI and No AGI gathered at OpenAI’s headquarters in San Francisco to rally against the creation of more advanced AI.

The demonstration was in part a response to OpenAI’s recent removal of the clause prohibiting the use of AI for military purposes from its terms of service. The company is reportedly working with the Pentagon on cybersecurity projects.

Both groups are calling for an end to OpenAI’s relationship with the military and for external regulation of AI development.

The protesters’ main concern, however, is the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which could lead to a future in which machines surpass human intelligence. Both groups are calling on OpenAI to stop working on advanced AI systems and to slow or even stop the development of AGI.



They argue that AI could fundamentally change power dynamics and decision-making in society, leading to the loss of jobs and the meaning of human life, VentureBeat reports.


According to VentureBeat, the groups are planning further action, although they are not entirely united on the issue of AGI: Pause AI is open to the idea of AGI if it can be developed safely, while No AGI is strongly opposed to its development.

If you want to dive deeper into their arguments, you can read PauseAI’s “Protester Guide” and their messaging guide.

The first time a pause in AI development was raised publicly was when a group of researchers and industry leaders published the AI Pause Letter. Currently, however, the pro-AI camp seems to be gaining the upper hand.


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