Runway Gen-2 is the latest text-to-video model now available to try for free


Update June 06, 2023:

Runway Gen-2 is now available in the browser and smartphone app for iOS. The trailer below shows some of the new features.

Original article dated March 20, 2023:

New York-based web video editing startup Runway introduces Gen-2, a new text-to-video model.


Runway first introduced its Gen-1 model in February, which can give existing videos a new look using only text prompts. For example, it transforms a realistically filmed scene into a cartoon world that retains the proportions and movements of the original scene.

This works for people and environments, and at a high level of abstraction: for example, Gen-1 can transform several notebooks standing upright next to each other into a skyline using only text prompts. All the Gen-1 features are included in Runway’s new Gen-2 model.

Loosely assembled notebooks become a skyline. | Picture: Runway

Runway launches text-to-video model

Gen-2, however, takes it a step further by generating entirely new video scenes from a single text prompt. The following three-second video scene was generated by Runway with the prompt “Aerial drone footage of a mountain range”. Audio is not yet included, but according to Runway, it is being researched.

Video: Runway

Prompt: “A close-up of an eye.” | Video: Runway


waiting list via Discord. The rollout is ongoing. Gen-1 currently has “thousands of users,” according to Runway. The startup aims to prevent potential abuse of the video system, such as violent content, by combining AI mechanisms with the help of human moderators.

Gen-2-Trailer. | Video: Runway

In addition to Runway, Google is working on an HD text-to-video AI system, and Meta demonstrated Make-a-Video, which also turns text into short videos. Google has another model in the works, Dreamix, specifically for text-to-video editing. If the rapid advances in AI image generation translate to video, stock video databases may soon have to rethink their business model.

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