Surreal art and VR mini golf collide in one of the most creative VR worlds yet

Surreal art and VR mini golf collide in one of the most creative VR worlds yet

Image: Mighty Coconut

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Starting in December, Mighty Coconut and Meow Wolf will enchant the VR world with a mini-golf experience that transports players into surreal spheres.

Meow Wolf, known for its innovative art installations, expands its universe into virtual reality. In collaboration with Mighty Coconut, Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf will open its doors to VR mini golf fans worldwide on December 7th.

The new DLC for Walkabout Mini Golf VR promises a unique golfing experience, peppered with the artist collective’s characteristically colorful and experimental elements.

From art project to virtual golf course

Walkabout Mini Golf is Meow Wolf’s first fully virtual outing and invites players to explore an imaginative environment filled with vibrant creatures and mysterious portals.

Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf will offer a game environment bursting with creativity and more interactive gameplay features than any previous DLC.

The 23rd course for Walkabout Mini Golf VR costs $3.99 and includes an easy and a difficult course as usual. There are also Meow Wolf collectibles and unique themed avatars.

Trailer shows spectacular environment

A behind-the-scenes video gives a sneak peek at the new course, in which the otherworldly Numina communicates with players through the medium of mini-golf.

“Numina is a benevolent, multiversal being that’s interpreting mini golf and virtual reality as just another set of beings, physics and spaces to play within”, said co-founder and senior creative director Caity Kennedy, who co-created the course concept.

“Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf” will be available for all popular VR platforms like Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, Playstation VR 2, Pico 4 or SteamVR and soon as a Pocket Edition for iOS. Mighty Coconut has also teamed up again with HelloReal VR to release a new Walkabout-style VR putter.

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