Tencent will reportedly help launch Vision Pro in China

Tencent will reportedly help launch Vision Pro in China

Image: Apple

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Chinese Internet giant Tencent will help Apple launch the Vision Pro by bringing its apps to the device, The Information reports.


Tim Cook confirmed on Monday that Vision Pro will be released in China later this year. It is the first country outside the US for which a Vision Pro launch has been confirmed. China is Apple’s second-biggest market.

Now, The Information reports that Tencent has agreed to make some of its most important apps available on the device. The company leads the Chinese market in areas such as streaming, social media and gaming.


Tencent as Apple’s Chinese headset partner – and Meta’s?

Media consumption has proven to be one of the most attractive use cases for the headset. But Apple’s services and other content offered in the U.S. are not available in China, a void that Tencent could fill. The company’s streaming service has nearly 450 million monthly users.

As in the US, the Vision Pro will remain out of reach for most Chinese consumers due to its high price. The Information writes that Apple will ship less than half a million units in the first year, citing analysts and supply chain partners.

Meta is also expected to launch a VR headset in China later this year with the help of Tencent, the Wall Street Journal reported in late 2023. Earlier this year, however, a Chinese news portal claimed that the deal had been put on hold due to disagreements between the two companies.

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