The first Amnesia horror game will get an unofficial VR port on Meta Quest

The first Amnesia horror game will get an unofficial VR port on Meta Quest

Image: Frictional Games

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An indie developer is releasing his PC VR port of Amnesia: The Dark Descent on Meta Quest this spring.


Developer Gordey Eremin confirmed on the Flat2VR community Discord server that Sclerosis: An Amnesia VR Remake will be coming to Quest 2 and Quest 3 this spring.


What is Sclerosis: An Amnesia VR Remake?

The developer released an unauthorized Android port of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which he called Sclerosis, in 2021.

In the summer of 2023, the developer announced a PC VR port of Sclerosis, which was released in early November 2023 under the name Sclerosis: An Amnesia VR Remake. At the time of the announcement, Eremin told me that the VR port would probably only be released for PC VR for performance reasons. Looks like he changed his mind.

The PC VR port features motion controls and object interaction, and has received ten patches since its release, from which the Quest version should benefit.

You can download Sclerosis: An Amnesia VR Remake on ModDB. Please note that you need the original game to play the PC VR port.

According to the description of the mod, the differences from the original game are:

  • 1:1 recreation of the entire game on the Unity engine that made Amnesia VR possible;
  • Completely redesigned controls, meticulously adapted to virtual reality controllers – open doors, pull levers and turn valves as if the main character’s hands were your hands;
  • Safe mode, similar to similar modes in other Frictional Games projects. Monsters in the castle are absent, and events related to their appearance are cut. The lantern does not consume oil when in use. Suitable for impressionable players who want to experience the atmosphere and story without harming their psyche.
  • PSX mode, changing the graphics and music of the game to match the PlayStation 1 aesthetic. Play the famous horror game as if it was released in the 90’s.

Developed by Frictional Games, the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent was released in 2010 for PC, Mac, and Linux and became a hit. Versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch followed years later. The game was notable for its realistic object interactions and a mechanic that made the protagonist’s fear of the dark a central element of the game.

Amnesia was the beginning of a series of horror games, followed by three more titles: A Machine for Pigs (2013), Rebirth (2020), and The Bunker (2023).

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