This Meta Quest 3 app can visualize and control smart home devices in mixed reality

This Meta Quest 3 app can visualize and control smart home devices in mixed reality

Image: Immersive Home

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A new mixed reality app in beta testing for the Quest 3 lets you see and control smart home devices just by looking and pointing.

Imagine seeing your power usage by glancing at a device, switching lights on and off with a hand gesture, or pulling a control panel out of thin air to access dozens of smart home accessories wherever they are placed. That’s now possible with a Quest 3 in mixed reality thanks to developer Nils Twelker and the Immersive Home app.

Making your smart home immersive

To use the Immersive Home app you need a Meta Quest VR headset, and one or more smart home devices to interact with. Since the latest Meta devices have color passthrough and better resolution, the Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro will yield the most satisfying results. However, the listing says the app works with a Quest 2 and even the original Quest.

We haven’t tried the app, but the demonstration video looks intriguing. Hand tracking has been added according to the change log, but the video only shows use with a controller.

To learn more and to get Immersive Home, visit the developer’s website (see below) where you’ll find links to buy the app or download it to sideload for free. Twelker told me purchasing helps support development and accelerates progress, so if you like the concept and want more features to arrive sooner, your order or donation could make a difference.

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