This VR gamer takes Assassin’s Creed VR to the next level

This VR gamer takes Assassin's Creed VR to the next level

Image: ChrisQuitsReality

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Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR can be played standing up or sitting down. Or by running, jumping and flipping.

The YouTube channel ChrisQuitsReality specializes in funny videos about virtual reality, mostly involving full-body tracking.

In his latest video, Chris takes on the recently released Meta Quest hit Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR and shows just how far you can take the virtual reality experience when you have nine lives and seven guardian angels.

His goal is to assassinate NPCs in the VR game in the most spectacular way possible, using his body to its full potential. Wherever possible, the real environment is incorporated into the experience so that the game world and the real world become one.

Equipped with a cape and Meta Quest 3, the Youtuber attacks by running across the roof of a house, hiding in the branches of a tree, running across a field, sliding across the ground, jumping off a wall, and throwing himself into a bush. If there is a step in the virtual world that does not exist in the real world, the Youtuber ends up hurting himself.

In the second part of the video he shows this and other accidents. Have a laugh, but don’t try it yourself, okay?

The superpower of virtual reality

The YouTube clip is more than just a goofy video. It takes an important feature of VR gaming that is missing from traditional gaming to the extreme: the fact that in virtual reality, your body becomes the controller. What you do in the game is no longer performed by abstract actions (e.g. pressing a button), but by the action itself. Gaming becomes physical through and through.

The physical effort shown here is extreme and not recommended for anyone. However, it can be practiced in a more moderate and harmless form within your own four walls.

Virtual reality sometimes seems so real that it creates a “visitor effect”: you can feel slightly alienated from your avatar if your digital persona has exaggerated physical abilities that you don’t have. But when your virtual and real actions are more closely aligned, and the game and physical reality become one, a powerful experience can emerge that makes classic sit-down games pale in comparison.

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