TikTok company Bytedance is reportedly going all-in on generative AI


Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, allegedly wants to go “all-in” on AI.

Bytedance is currently focusing on hiring AI personnel, improving its organizational structure, and expanding its basic research, reports the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Bytedance has an “all-in” mentality towards AI and sees AI as a battle it “cannot afford to lose.”

The company has more than 300 open positions in generative AI, including more than 100 focused on large language models (LLMs).



In the field of AI, Bytedance is best known for its TikTok recommendation algorithm, which made the platform big. However, the company was late to start researching LLMs.

After OpenAI unveiled its Sora video generator in mid-February, Bytedance said that its AI video animation tool, Boximator, which was unveiled in early February, was still in its infancy by comparison.

“It still has a big gap with leading video generation models in terms of image quality, fidelity and duration,” a company representative said.

Bytedance is part of China’s AI elite

Bytedance is investing heavily in AI research and has already unveiled several AI models. The company is said to be working on numerous AI products, including text-to-image and text-to-video technologies, as well as the CapCut video editing application.

One AI model presented by Bytedance in mid-January 2024 is MagicVideo-V2, which converts text to video. It outperforms other T2V systems by integrating multiple modules that work together to create high-quality videos.


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