VR Skater Pro Bundle now available

Skateboarding in Virtual Reality: VR Skater Pro Bundle now available

Image: Perp Games / Deficit Games

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VR Skater leaves Early Access on Steam. The arcade skateboarding game gets a DLC with new tracks at launch.


Publisher Perp Games and developer Deficit Games announced this week that the PC VR game VR Skater 1.0 has left Early Access on Steam and is now available as a full version. Players who purchased the game during Early Access will receive a free upgrade to the Pro Bundle, which includes VR Skater 1.0 and the SL Pro Series Tour DLC.

The end of Early Access brings many new improvements to the game, including Steam Achievements, the ability to customize your setup in the Skate Store, and more precise tricks and grabs. There is also a progression system with medals, trophies, and experience points.

Dynamic wear and tear on your boards, seven maps and five new modes have also been introduced. With the new SL Pro Series Tour DLC, you can play in parks inspired by professional street leagues, collect “V-R-S-K-A-T-E-R” and go for high scores.


Skateboarding in VR gets your hands moving

VR Skater is designed specifically for VR to provide an authentic, challenging and immersive skating experience. Because VR headsets cannot reliably capture leg and foot movements without the appropriate trackers, Deficit Games decided not to use the lower extremities. Instead, you control the skateboards with the VR controllers alone. The following release trailer for VR Skater 1.0 shows you what this looks like.

Publisher Perp Games recently brought the VR graphics gem Hubris and the critically acclaimed Vertigo 2 to PSVR 2. Deficit Games has released RotatorX, an endless runner arcade game, and Virtual Minigolf Reality before developing VR Skater.

VR Skater is available on SteamVR at the following prices:

  • Main game: £29.99/$34.99/€34.99
  • SL Pro Series Tour DLC: £9.99/ $15.99/€15.99
  • VR Skater Pro Bundle: £34.78/$44.35/€44.35

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Sources: Deficit Games Perp Games

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