Win a new VR game for Meta Quest

VR giveaway: Win a new VR game for Meta Quest

Image: DALL-E 3, prompted by MIXED

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MIXED is giving away a VR game for Meta Quest today. Don’t miss your chance to win the free key.

“Expansion VR” combines real-time strategy, deck building and space battles. Since March 14, the sci-fi game has also been available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro via App Lab. Today we give away two free keys.

Many thanks to Plazma Studio for providing the keys!

Prize & conditions of participation


You can only redeem the keys in the Meta Quest Store.

How to take part in the raffle: Send us an e-mail to and tell us why you like sci-fi games in VR best.

Closing date: March 25, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
Winner draw: within 7 days after the end of the competition day
Notification of the prize: Email
Dispatch: Keys will be sent by e-mail

Note: If the winner does not reply within 7 days of being notified, the prize will be forfeited and a new draw will be held.

The e-mail address will only be used for the purpose of participation and for sending the prize. We exclude any further use. All addresses will be deleted after the draw. Our data protection information applies. Legal recourse is excluded.

As a rule, we cannot replace keys that do not work or cannot be redeemed, as we are only provided with a certain number.

What awaits you in Expansion VR

Plazma Studio takes you to a futuristic world where mankind has successfully overcome challenges such as hunger and war. However, their insatiable ambition has led to serious environmental disasters and an upset ecological balance. You embark on a journey to a newly colonized area of space.

Expansion VR combines elements of real-time strategy and deck-building games, and features both solo and multiplayer PVP modes. You assume the role of an intergalactic war leader fighting for resources in newly colonized space territories.

The developers emphasize precise strategic control through a clear VR interface and offer a range of unique units, each with individual strengths and weaknesses.

There are three playable factions to choose from: the Privateers, the Miners, and the Pigdogs. Each of these groups will bring their own strategic aspects to the game. In PVP mode, you can earn points to climb the ladder and unlock new units and technologies.

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