World-class hand tracking goes mobile

Leap Motion 2 announced: World-class hand tracking goes mobile

Image: Ultraleap

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Ultraleap announces a new hand tracking module for mobile VR headsets, AR headsets and smart glasses. The partnership with Pico will continue.

Ultraleap has announced the Leap Motion Controller 2 hand tracking module at AWE 2023. This will enable mobile VR headsets, AR headsets and mixed reality headsets to be easily equipped with Ultraleap’s high-end hand tracking. The Leap Motion Controller 2 is compatible with macOS, Windows and Android devices powered by Qualcomm’s XR2 chip.

The successor to the original Leap Motion Controller is said to offer improvements in several areas: higher resolution cameras, an expanded field of view and 25 percent lower power consumption, all in a 30 percent smaller package than the previous model.

Ultraleap and Pico continue collaboration

The Leap Motion Controller 2 is aimed primarily at business users. At the unveiling, Ultraleap showed off a range of compatible devices and announced plans to expand its collaboration with Pico XR. The Leap Motion Controller 2 is said to be compatible with VR headsets such as the Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye, the Pico 4 Enterprise and the Pico G3.

It will also be compatible with Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX headset. Another first is the integration of the Leap Motion Controller 2 into DigiLens’ ARGO smart glasses. The company primarily develops mobile augmented reality headsets for business and industry.

AR headsets from Tilt Five, the AR board game system, are also compatible. For the first time, players can use their hands to maneuver figures on an AR game board without a controller. The Leap Motion Controller 2 is now available for pre-order at RobotShop for a suggested retail price of $139. Worldwide shipping is scheduled for summer 2023.

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