Xreal shows Air 2 Ultra AR games at GDC 2024

Xreal shows Air 2 Ultra AR games at GDC 2024

Image: Monsarrat

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Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR glasses will have some interesting AR games and apps available at launch.


Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR games

Xreal’s new Air 2 Ultra AR glasses feature hand-tracking and room mapping. To take advantage of these advanced capabilities, Xreal demonstrated some interesting AR games at the Global Developers Conference in San Francisco today.

Landing Party from Monsarrat is a new outdoor RPG with a science fiction theme that has six mini-games. You can play the AR game with an iPhone or Android phone, but the Xreal AR glasses version will be more immersive since you don’t need to use your phone’s screen like a window to the AR world.

Xreal also showed AR games that worked on the Air 2 Ultra’s predecessor, the Xreal Light. Table Trenches puts a battlefield on your tabletop. appAARatus is a room-sized mechanical puzzle game. Halo AR Museum presents interactive, holographic displays with scientific data about physics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy.


Xreal display glasses and AR

Xreal is the most popular brand of smart glasses with displays. The Xreal Air 2 and original Air are among the lightest wearables available that can serve as display replacements.

The Xreal Air 2 Ultra matches the Air 2’s display quality while adding tracking sensors that enable augmented reality features.

Monsarrat posted a preview of Landing Party on YouTube.

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